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Red Rock Impressions is a locally-owned store, striving to enhance your memories and experience of Sedona. It offers a select assortment of fine women's clothing, resort wear and jewelry from unique manufacturers locally and around the USA. As with its sister store Cactus Carlos, many of its products are actually designed and crafted in its own factory or are made by local artisans and craftsmen, American made for the whole world to enjoy.

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Location Analytics

Sedona is a top tier tourist destination, consistently ranked among the top 25 in the USA.  Its close proximity to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Phoenix/Scottsdale attracts affluent visitors. 2018 statistics provided by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce:

A.   3.1 million visitors

       40% Day Trippers, spending $ 293 daily

       60% Overnighters, spending $ 618 daily

B. Average Length of Stay 3.3 nights

C. Average Age 55

D. Average Household Income $ 107,000

E. Annual Tourist Spending $ 600 million

F. Visitor Origin is approximately 50% Arizona and the West, 30% other states, 10% international

G. Number of Hotel Rooms 4,000 and growing, plus large Airbnb style lodging

Uptown Sedona is the destination point for most visitors and a unique retail environment in Arizona.

  • Customers are primarily pedestrian.

  • Foot traffic patterns are consistent and well defined within approximately 1,000 feet

  • Consumer behavior is to shop, dine, socialize and photograph themselves with the Red Rock canyon backdrop in this contained environment.

  • Cedic Plaza is at the central intersection of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows


"Meet Me At The Clock Tower" is our slogan and invitation to those visiting or vacationing in Sedona AZ to come to the center of our town and meet friends, shop and enjoy the beaty of Sedona. Cedic Plaza features three unique shops offering Native American art by R.C. Gorman, locally-made resort wear, customized drinkware and jewelry


The five foot clock, designed and built by the world-famous Electric Time Company of Massachusetts, is mounted on a thirty two foot tower clad in a sandstone pattern to match the spectacular red rock formations of Oak Creek Canyon. The Plaza offers some of the best un-obstructed scenic views and photography opportunities in Uptown. Easy to find in the middle of the action, just tell friends and family “Meet Me at the Clock Tower.” 

Cedic Plaza faces the NEW roundabout at the center of Uptown Sedona, the pedestrian-friendly shopping district with spectacular Red Rock views.

Surrounded by over 100 shops, restaurants and luxury hotel rooms, the plaza is close to all jeep tours, shuttles and public parking areas. Free on-site parking is also available for plaza patrons.

Nearby on Jordan Road are the famous Jordan Trail head and the Sedona Historical Museum.


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